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Quicksilver 2-Cycle Engine Oil Rejuvenate (473mL).


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Marine Engine Oil Rejuvenate

Quicksilver 2-Cycle Engine Oil Rejuvenate (473mL). Quicksilver Rejuvenate protects, cleans and preserves your engine. Rejuvenate protects – Superior lubrication and film strength protects against piston scuffing and helps keep your engine running like new. It provides critical lubrication at engine startup, when your engine is most vulnerable to damage. Rejuvenate cleans – Powerful detergents remove carbon so it can be burned away with the fuel. Deposits are removed from pistons, power valves, fuel injectors, carburetors, combustion chambers, intake valves, exhaust ports and spark plugs. Rejuvenate preserves – It is the ideal oil for any engine that has extended down time. Rejuvenate prevents oxidation during storage and stabilizes fuel in premix applications. Recommended for use in air-cooled or liquid-cooled 2-cycle engines with oil injection systems or for premix. Can be used in various 2-cycle

Applications including:

  • Marine – outboards, personal watercraft (PWC).
  • Power sports – ATVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles.
  • Lawn and garden – leaf blowers, chain saws, lawn mowers.
  • Winter applications – snowmobiles, snow blowers.
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