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Keep your pet safe on the water with a dog life jacket style buoyancy aid

Mayland Marine, the trusted sailing, yacht and boat equipment provider, has a range of dog life jacket style buoyancy aids to protect your pet on the water.

We are selling a range of floatation devices for pets, due to popular demand.

Tony Cummins, Managing Director of Mayland Marine, said: “Whether they are an experienced yachtsman or a weekend sailor, we’re seeing an increasing number of people wanting to take their dog out with them.

“Most dogs love going out on the water and they make good company but it is important to make sure they are safe. Waves and currents can quickly tire a dog, especially if the water is cold.

“Our life jacket style buoyance aids come in a range of sizes for dogs weighing 5kg to 20kg and some have a handle on the back making it easy for a dog to be lifted out of the water.”

All products carry The Mayland Marine Promise.

Dog Life Jacket Style Buoyancy Aid Swim Vest in Red £23

Suitable for dogs weighing 5kg to 10kg. Quick release buckles and back handle for lifting.



Dog Life Jacket Style Buoyancy Aid Swim Vest in Yellow £18.99 (medium), £16.99 (small)

Suitable for dogs weighing 7kg to 9kg (small) or 9kg to 20kg (medium). Built in security handle for attaching a lead.



Dog Life Jacket Buoyancy Aid in Pink £13.49

High performance dog floatation device for smaller dogs weighing 7kg to 9kg.



Dog Life Jacket Style Buoyancy Aid in XS £19.99

Fully adjustable chest and neck flaps plus quick release buckles. Perfect for dogs weighing up to 4kg.