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Best-selling Union Jack lifejacket

Safety on the water is always the number one consideration.

And providing our customers with the very best in safety products is of paramount importance to the Mayland Marine team.

But with our best-selling Union Jack lifejacket – https://maylandmarine.co.uk/product/automatic-inflatable-lifejacket-170n-leisure-boats-fishing/ – you can marry safety with style.

The Union Jack lifejacket is made by British company SeaSafe on the Isle of Wight. Seasafe celebrated its 50th anniversary at the end of last year and has become a household name for safety at sea.

The eye-catching lifejacket is certified to 150N for the ISO12402 Standard with an actual testing buoyancy of 170N.

All jackets have a removable front cover, which can be interchanged, washed or updated easily if necessary. Individual embroidery is also available upon request.

This lightweight product – weighing just 1.2kg – also includes:

  • Oral backup inflation
  • Concealed, pea-less whistle
  • Padded soft and comfortable collar
  • Outside front zip to allow easy access to the firing mechanism and gas bottle.

The lifejacket will fit chest from 68cm to 144cm.

Information about the SeaSafe Guarantee 

When you get your new SeaSafe lifejacket you will receive a guarantee card, please register your SeaSafe lifejacket by filling out the card supplied.

Registration of your SeaSafe product is extremely important to record the ownership of our safety products. Registration information is completely secure. SeaSafe will not pass on your details to any other companies and we will be the only people to access your information.

SeaSafe will also provide you with service reminders when the product’s annual service is due. We are trying to improve safety at sea within the UK by teaching people about the importance of wearing a lifejacket but also looking after and maintaining their lifejacket.